Birth of the Federation


The Federation of Golf Clubs Phils., Inc was born out of common need and concern among private golf clubs.  This was triggered in late 1996 when the Government was formulating measures to raise more taxes under the so-called Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP).  The non-profit private golf clubs became one of the main targets where to enhance government revenues.  The Senate Ways and Means Committee proposed to scrap the provision under Section 26, Paragraph (h) of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) which granted non-profit sports clubs (including golf clubs) exemption from the payment of income tax.  The general feeling then was that the proposed amendment was meant specifically for private golf clubs, not any other sports clubs, because of the high value transactions in buying and selling of private golf club shares which the government finance people viewed as a good source of tax revenue.

Alabang Country Club, Inc., headed then by its President Rogelio W. Manalo, initiated to invite and convene private and prestigious golf clubs in Metro Manila in order to avert the proposed removal of the income tax exemption of non-profit private sports clubs and, more specifically, of non-profit private golf clubs.  The initial meeting held at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza at Mandaluyong City was attended by representatives from Alabang Country Club, Inc., Canlubang Golf & Country Club, Capitol Hills Golf & Country Club, Manila Golf & Country Club, Inc., Puerto Azul Golf & Country Club, Valley Golf & Country Club, Inc. and Wack Wack Golf & Country Club.  Several meetings were held thereafter and each meeting new clubs joined in.  In these meetings, various common needs and concerns (other than the imminent loss of income tax exemption) in administration and operations of golf clubs cropped up.  Thus, a unanimous feeling and decision to officially band together and act as one united body became overwhelming.  Efforts were immediately made to draw up the incorporation papers of the Federation and submit them to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Twelve (12) private golf clubs represented by twenty (20) incorporators of founders signed up in the official incorporation documents of the new federated private golf clubs.  These twelve (12) clubs are the following :

        • Alabang Country Club, Inc.
        • Baguio Country Club *
        • Canlubang Golf & Country Club
        • Capitol Hills Golf & Country Club*
        • Cebu Country Club, Inc.
        • The Manila Southwoods Golf & Country Club
        • Manila Golf & Country Club, Inc.
        • Puerto Azul Golf & Country Club **
        • Sta. Elena Golf Club
        • Tagaytay Highlands Intl. Golf Club, Inc.
        • Valley Golf & Country Club, Inc.
        • Wack Wack Golf & Country Club

*    Had withdrawn its membership from the Federation
**  Inactive member golf club

Meanwhile, the CTRP, otherwise known as the Republic Act No. 8424, was passed in 1997 and the income tax exemption of non-profit private sports clubs, which include private golf clubs, was indeed removed.  Be that as it may, the relevance for the creation of the Federation could not be over-emphasized for there are very important common needs and concerns that the private golf clubs can jointly and cooperatively address and resolve for their mutual benefits and those of their individual club members.

Some of these original concepts and principles that urged the founding members to form the Federation include the following:

  • Assist and promote in safeguarding of the environment and ecology in the golf course and surrounding community
  • Collaborate together in solving common management and operational problems and/or cooperate and help one another wherever and whenever possible to do so.
  • Institute and adopt a common reliable handicapping system that can be used and honored by all member golf clubs.
  • Collaborate and coordinate all major club tournaments to avoid any conflict in the playing program of the golf club members.
  • Membership in the Federation shall be by golf club represented by designated officers limited by the respective terms prescribed by the individual golf clubs.
  • The Founding Members (the original 20 incorporators) who made possible the creation and organization of the Federation shall, in the interest of continuity and solidarity, be members of the Federation with no dues.  They will represent the golfers at large.

Today, the Federation is a vibrant organisation  with thirty two (32) member golf clubs which earnestly seeks to achieve its original concepts and principles.  It has enlarged its program and activities to truly serve the individual member golf clubs and their club members, as well as the national golfing community.